Massages and Steams

Take care of your body, Its the only place you have to live-in.

Candles. Soft music. Warm water. Slide into the jetted hydrotherapy tub where the water is restorative and feel your tension and stress melt away.

Get the most relaxing and soothing experience for your face and body.
Receive deep pore cleansing, thorough exfoliation, revitalizing eye therapy and rehydration of your skin.
Also grab a light massage for your face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. This service especially makes your face and skin look rejuvenated and toned, makes your soul light and relaxed.
Choose from various steam baths like Aromatherapy, Seaweed and Tranquility which relax, detoxifies and recharges your body with minerals, simultaneously stimulates your metabolism.
It oxygenates the deceased tissues, reduces water retention, and has a strong toning and purifying effect.
For a true spa experience, coordinate the scent of your bath with the aromatherapy element of your massage or body wrap.
Tranquility Oil relaxes the mind and soothes the body, relieving aching muscles and joint tension. This unique blend of indispensable and essential oils and flower extracts softens, protects and hydrates your skin.

Steam & Shower
Enjoy the goodness of a hot steam that will open your pores, relax your muscles, drain the sinuses and thrust the tension away. Great for before or after a massage or body treatment