Bridal Makeup

At any wedding, you know who steals the show... of course the bride. Everyone in the decorum will be eagerly waiting for the bride.

We don't just create the look you want, we create the look you deserve...

It’s true. We love brides at Hong Kong Ladies Salon & Spa. We want to surpass your expectations on your "Big Day" when camera flashes seem to be everywhere! Let us create a flawless photogenic finish for you that will leave him and the others spellbound. You’ll treasure and cherish your wedding photos for decades and recall the memories in your mind forever. We also want to be a part of the auspicious day by bringing out your inner beauty and creating your ultimate precised look.

We are great listeners, we want to understand everything about your special day. Starting from your attire, venue design, color, texture, floral arrangements, eyebrows, nails and the right look for your hair, makeup and what not.

we have you covered. Our experts are always available for one-on-one consults. Whether you desire a classic updo, royal hairstyle, a simple Chignon bun or modern braids. Just talk with us, we will work with all our effort in creating the perfect execution.

We are all ears to understand what you want, what you need and what you deserve.

You can show us pictures that you’ve collected from various magazines or else, we can go with your unique vision.
we are there to attend to every last beautiful detail that you wish to be implemented. 
We are your one stop destination for every beauty need.

Call us for all kinds of weddings and bridal primping parties.
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