Our service is as sensitive as your skin.

In this modern and fashion era, everyone has this inevitable dream of becoming flawless and have fair and even skin tone. Who would not want such attribute right?

Some people might consider face whitening or skin lightening to get rid of freckles, birthmarks, dark spots, acne marks and other skin discoloration problems.

Bleaching predominantly removes the dead skin layer which makes the skin glow. It helps to abolish sun tanning and marks off the skin. Bleaching helps to lighten the facial hair into skin color, so that they are not much noticeable. This makes the skin looks fairer and smoother.

We Provide bleaches like Diamond bleach, Gold bleach, pearl silver, fruit and regular ones. We also use bleach creams which give the dull skin a boost of oxygen and helps the skin look fresh. When you get bleach done on the face at the parlor, it is executed perfectly resulting flawless skin.

Beautifully transform your skin in as little time as  possible with unique, all-natural skin bleaching products used by Hong Kong Ladies Salon & Spa. Combining safe and botanical ingredients with  formulations approved by dermatologists, our luxurious creams and gels act like pro in revealing the complexion color you’ve always wanted.

Remarkably nourishing…magnificently rich…delightfully sensual… We offer services for anyone who wants to experience the ultimate skin bleaching – without the use of, harmful and toxic chemicals like hydroquinone and mercury. Try us once and see for yourself why thousands of women choose Hong Kong
Ladies Salon & Spa for all their skin bleaching needs.